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Polo ponies

Polo ponies are various breeds including Manipuri ponies (from Manipur), Arabians and the most popular Thoroughbred breed. Polo ponies stand around 15.1 hands (61 inches, 155 cm) however this can vary. They are called ‘ponies’ but this a reference to their agile type rather than their size as true pony breeds stand a maximum of 14.2 hands (58 inches, 147 cm). Most thoroughbred ponies come from Argentina, these horses are shipped all over the world.
fotograaf: Phodograf
fotograaf: Phodograf
fotograaf: Phodograf
Thoroughbred horses are mostly used for racing and many equestrian sports. It is a breed between oriental stallions, Arabian, Barb and Turkoman breeding. During the 17th and 18th century England imported three stallions to start their breeding and since then the thoroughbred spread throughout the world. Polo ponies need to be trained in such way that they are quick, agile and great physical condition. Also they cannot be shy of the ball and afraid of mallet swinging past they heads.


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